Forestry, Utility and Industrial Vegetation Management and Reforestation

Woodland Vegetation Management is a reforestation and Utility Right of Way company headquartered in Farmville, NC. We serve a large geography throughout the southeastern United States. With fair pricing, customer commitment, high quality and environmentally safe products, we are the choice for maximizing productivity of your investment.

Vegetation Management

To meet the demands of your vegetation management objectives, Woodland Vegetation Management maintains a fleet of fully geared and specialized equipment. From high-volume applications to more selective herbicide applications, we offer a variety of ways to get the job done. We employ modern herbicide delivery systems that allow low-impact applications while optimizing efficiency.

Aquatic Application

Vegetation management - Aquatic application

Roadside Application

Vegetation management - Roadside application

Mechanical Site Prep

Vegetation management - mechanical site prep

Mulching/Land Clearing

Vegetation management - mulching / land clearing

Woodland Vegetation Management’s herbicide applicators offer many herbicide combinations that achieve the desired results while addressing environmental concerns.

Our Applications Offer


with GPS and Flow Control

Utility / Right of Way Services

We pride ourselves on a client-centered approach: customized services that are responsive to your needs. Our solutions for vegetation management on the right-of-way include reliability-focused work planning, landowner notification, and systems reviews. We can provide regulatory compliance reporting and documentation.

Utility Right of Way Management

Our professional operators and maintained equipment ensure that safety and efficiency are our top priorities. Roadside and right of way clearance promotes visibility and helps clear the way for utility crews. Common applications include:

  • Invasive or noxious weed and brush control
  • Selective or nonselective vegetation treatments
  • Off-road specialty applications
  • Plant growth regulators
  • Ditch bank application
  • Fence lines and bridge abutments
  • Aquatic application and mowing
  • DOT Roadside clearing
utility right of way management

Utility / Industrial Bare Ground

Utility and industrial bare ground herbicide application to control overall vegetation for a variety of applications. Some of these areas include:

  • Substations and power plants
  • Refineries, tank farms, rail yards
  • Equipment yards and fence rows
  • Laydown facilities
utility / industrial bare ground herbicide application

Forestry Services

Woodland Vegetation Management provides forest silviculture activities to various states throughout the southeastern United States. We are fully equipped, experienced and skilled to meet your specific needs while preserving natural resources. Our services include:

  • Site preparation
  • Release treatment
  • Understory herbicide control
  • Fertilization
  • Planting
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Forestry roadside applications
  • Drainage and ditch maintenance
forestry services

We’re In This For Wildlife

Wildlife is one of the greatest sources of enjoyment for a landowner. Proper and targeted wildlife management can produce and enhance native species. Small changes and enhancement to the habitats on your land can make a material difference in fostering the evolution and occupancy of native wildlife.

Wild turkeys. Wildlife is one of the greatest sources of enjoyment for a landowner.
Sunflower field. Wildlife is one of the greatest sources of enjoyment for a landowner.
Quail and other birds. Wildlife is one of the greatest sources of enjoyment for a landowner.
See deer at night. Wildlife is one of the greatest sources of enjoyment for a landowner.


We can provide all the brand name and generic herbicides on the market for applications required by the clients. We are committed to provide fair pricing, quality, and environmentally safe products.

herbicides - client application
herbicides - client application