Pine Plantation
  Forestry, Utility, Aquatic, Industrial,
Vegetation Management and Reforestation

Serving the Southeastern United States


  Protecting the Environment and ENHANCING WILDLIFE HABITAT while Promoting Growth  

Woodland Vegetation Management, Inc. is a reforestation and forestry herbicide application company headquartered in Farmville, NC. We offer our services to a wide geography of the South Eastern United States.

Our commitment to our customers' satisfaction is paralleled by a sincere dedication to the environment in which we all live. A responsible work ethic ensures that our environmental resources will be viable for generations to come.

Our equipment is well maintained in order to maximize productivity. With the latest in GPS technology, flow control and mapping capabilities, we offer quality applications and documentation.

As a NC licensed herbicide dealer, we provide all the brand name herbicides on the market for application as well as for retail sales.

With fair pricing, commitment, evironmentally safe products and quality workmanship, we are your choice for maximizing productivity of your long-term investment.


Our applications offer Greater Precision
by means of GPS and Flow Control
Custom Turnkey Services Offered:

bullet Applications by Skidder, Tractor,
spacer Helicopter, ATV, Backpack, Argo
sawblade Herbaceous Weed Control
spacer - Broadcast or Banded
bullet Site Prep
bullet Pine and Hardwood Release
bullet Machine Planting
sawblade Invasive Plant Control
sawblade Prescribed Burning
sawblade Roadside and Road Surface Applications
sawblade Plantation Fertilization
sawblade Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
sawblade Aquatic Weed Control
Woodland Vegetation Management, Inc. is an authorized Whitetail Institute Dealer.
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